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Ouimet Design supported Mrs. Gauthier in her project while respecting her tastes and expectations.

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A beautiful self-construction project in Mercier

Ms. Gauthier was a client referral who had just built a new house. Since it was a brand new build, we were able to work directly from her home plans. After our meetings, we established a list of criteria for the concept of her kitchen and bathroom. The design challenge stimulated our team, and Ms. Gauthier was thrilled. It was a lovely project.


What project did you have in mind?

The project was our first self-construction. We had a clear idea to make the kitchen contemporary and maximize the bathroom, powder room, and laundry room space.

Do you believe collaboration is essential when choosing a designer?

Absolutely! It is vital to bond with the company you work with because the connection builds confidence and makes us comfortable with the recommendations.

What motivated you to contact Nicholas de Ouimet Design to complete your project?

It’s kind of a family affair! We got to know Nicholas through my three aunts, who hired Mr. Ouimet on several occasions.

How was the project process?

The work went very well! We had no worries, and that’s precisely why we chose Nicholas and his team. All of the meetings went very well. The Ouimet Design team took the time to evaluate our ideas, expectations, and our budget. They accompanied us and helped us with our choices while respecting our taste and our intentions. We are beyond happy, and the result is what we wanted.

Would you recommend Ouimet Design?

Absolutely, without hesitation.

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