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Another beautiful realization of custom kitchen and bathroom made by Ouimet Design.

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A second collaboration for our client from Mercier

The project was our second collaboration with Ms. Malarek. We worked from plans drawn up for the kitchen, bathroom, and furniture, in addition to highlighting solid wood beams. The customer was very happy. It was an outstanding achievement.


What was the project?

We started building a new house and needed design expertise with the kitchen, bathroom, powder room, and walk-in closet. We had completed this type of project in the past, so we understood the importance of a trusted contractor.

What motivated you to contact Ouimet Design?

We had worked with Nicholas before and trusted his expertise, process, and loved his work quality.

Do you believe collaboration is essential when choosing a designer?

Absolutely! A construction or renovation project like this cannot happen without discussion and collaboration. Nicholas is an experienced and knowledgeable designer who uses 3D drawings and plans to help us understand the project.

What did you like the most about working with Nicholas and his team?

We loved the idea sharing and the quality of the work. Despite some short delays, the work was completed perfectly and with the highest quality.

Would you recommend Ouimet Design?


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